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Hello And Welcome To The Official Website Of Akhi Luta - The Akhlut Vtuber & ASMR Audio Creator!

Akhi Luta is both an ASMR Audio Storyteller Creator and Vtuber Variety Streamer. She loves to be creative and whether it's helping you relax with her audio stories or amusing you with her live content antics all of this brings her great joy!

If you have any questions/concerns/suspicions please see the About & FAQ pages as both should answer most of your questions if not all! Also check out all of her Content (to find things like her Twitter and Video content) , see about ordering a Custom Audio , or find out how to Contact her! And be sure, if you're curious, to check out Her Lore! And if you feel like being generous (or just want access to Exclusive Bonus Content) you can Support Akhi with a little bit of coin!

While Akhi Luta may be new to the world in this form, she's not new to content creation nor live streaming. Including ASMR and Vtuber content. This is just serving as a fresh start for her after years of being a creator and streamer and learning form her mistakes and missteps while indulging in that line of work. (Which she hopes to remedy with this!) 

Because Akhluts (what she is) are land and sea animals expect her content to be a mix of both worlds! Though she promises with ASMR to have at least one or two water (aquaphile) themed piece made available a month amongst her other varied content. Same for her Vtuber livestreams - she has an underwater toggle! So whether you're into aquaphilia, just appreciate unique concepts or sea-tubers, or want to enjoy high quality Audio ASMR storytelling content she would be thrilled for you to join her pack of sea wolves!


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