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About Akhi Luta

Akhi Luta (Akhi for short) is a Virtual Avatar Entertainer & ASMR Audio Storytelling Artist!

What is she supposed to be? She's an akhlut! It's a spiritual creature form First Nations folklore that's part wolf; part orca whale. She's a tribal spirit who guards the forest and the sea! 

When it comes to her Virtual Avatar (Vtuber) Entertainment it's mainly done in the form of live streaming content. During these streams she does a variety of activity between playing casual/simulation games, creating art or music pieces, performing live ASMR sessions, chatting and engaging with her viewers, presenting educational content on subjects she's knowledgeable and passionate about, and reacting to ridiculous content. 

Also as a Vtuber she will do independent video-only content (that's not just clips and highlights from streams) and produce both original musical pieces and covers of songs she likes! 

With her ASMR Audio Storytelling content she plans on telling a variety of different stories involving a unique cast of characters. However there will be a bit of a twist - some of the Audio stories will cater to fans of water-themed and underwater (sfw aquaphile) content as being an akhlut she can spend long periods of time in the deep and loves to create challenges in audio form. (Warning: if the platform permits it some of the content will have "bad ends" [ ie - listener drowns] as that is popular in the aquaphile community.) 

Because such content is unlikely to be monetized on any platform Akhi will be relying on your help and support if you enjoy her content and want her to regularly produce it! She has a paid Patreon (with regular exclusive NSFW audios and at least one a month being aquaphile themed) and you can also donate to her via Ko-Fi or BuyMeACoffee if you feel like being generous. If you feel like being extra generous you can gift her things off  her Throne wishlist too!  You can also donate during live content via bits/Subs/Memberships/Superchats/etc (if she qualifies). And you can support by commissioning a custom ASMR Audio Story piece! Another way to support (merchandise for sale) is coming soon!

Anything else you want to know please read the FAQ! 

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