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Ways To Support:

By pledging on Patreon you can offer General Support, access private social spaces, get access to Exclusive ASMR Audio content, be able to get custom Audio content - and more!

Must be 18+ to Sign Up & Pledge!

SubscribeStar serves as an alternate platform to support me on to Patreon for those who don't like the Patreon platform, can't use it, or if Patreon itself does something ridiculous. Tiers are near identical on both platforms it just comes down to personal preference!

Throne Gifts' Wishlist system is another great way to support if you don't want to/can't do a monthly deal (or don't care about getting special content) and just want to show your appreciation with a little token gift!

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If you enjoy Akhi and everything she offers this is a great way to show a little thanks!


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